Eleanor Robson and Plimpton 322

A contiguous series of essays refuting Dr. Robson's theses that Plimpton 322 was created from reciprocals or that it was intended as a pedagogical tool. The ancient Babylonian mathematicians were highly sophisticated in their mathematical abilities.

Part 1 - History and Background
Part II - Mathematical Context and Errors
Part III - Mathematical Concepts
Part IV - Mathematical Concepts - Compasses
Part V - Babylonian Mathematics
Part VI - Pythagoreans Through Reciprocal Pairs
Part VII - Fetching Pythagoreans
Part VIII - Generating Regression Lines
Robson's Original Paper:
Neither Sherlock Holmes nor Babylon:
A Reassessment of Plimpton 322
Pythagorean Knowledge in Ancient Babylonia
Derivation of Pythagorean Relationships from the Incircle
Plimpton Data Tables
Plimpton 322 Parameters